In ancient times, watchmen would stand on a tall stone tower always vigilant to the potential of an approaching danger. The role of the watchman, particularly at harvest time, was important to the survival of a community in agrarian societies. The watchman, in effect an early warning system, was called upon to sound an alarm which could prove crucial in thwarting an attack both from ravenous animals and from malefactors who would rather make off with a neighbor farmer’s fruits and vegetables than to labor and toil in their own fields. In times of war, the role of the watchman was critical in spying potential enemy threats to a town: if a threat appeared, the watchman would blow his horn and the townspeople would rally and prepare for battle. 

In Scripture, the symbolism of the watchman is profound. No less a figure than the 8th century B.C. prophet Isaiah – who prophesied the birth of Christ in Isaiah 7:14 – conveys God’s message to us, “I have posted watchmen on your walls, Jerusalem; they will never be silent day or night. You who call on the Lord, give yourselves no rest,” Isaiah 62:6. In 21st century America we all have a moral duty to serve as watchmen as the nation is presently besieged by enemy forces both foreign and domestic.


The current demagoguery in the hands of globalists takes the ugly form that a citizen who believes in national borders and national priorities cannot be a good citizen – that he is a fascist some claim. We need to be reminded that the American revolution was a nationalist uprising which few would call fascist. The current sophistry in the hands of globalists belies that a citizen who is devoted to his homeland and who places the interests of his nation-state as the top priority can exist, at the same time, with a world view that is tolerant and respectful of those beyond his borders. Furthermore, to be respectful of global interests is not to suggest that those who can afford it should be forced to open their pocketbooks to fix all of the world’s ills. That suggestion is impudent and a sleight-of-hand by globalists whose own personal agendas for control stand to be upended by the rights and privileges of sovereign states. Simply stated, globalism is imperialism in sheep’s clothing. What other conclusion is there to be had when an international organization made up of unelected bureaucrats imposes its will on the citizens of member nations? That supranational organizations such as the United Nations, the European Union, the World Trade Organization, the International Monetary Fund, and the World Health Organization are anti-democratic is a statement of fact and not of ideology. The globalization conceit held by leaders in and out of government around the world and in the United States should sound an alarm to those who believe in the sanctity of democratic processes. Put simply, globalization and democracy are hardly fraternal twins. Globalists believe that globalization’s ugly side, lower wages, lost jobs, shuttered factories or devastated communities is the result of there not being enough global governance to channel all of the good that derives from globalization. And besides, globalists say, any discomfort is strictly temporary. As Mr. Pascal Lamy, former Director of the World Trade Organization said in a recent address, “The future lies with more globalization, not less…”


We have witnessed the onslaught visited upon our shores by the Chinese Communist Virus which at last count had extinguished the lives of two-hundred thousand innocent Americans and for which China takes no responsibility despite having its fingerprints all over the heinous act. Meanwhile, China’s propaganda machine is working full-throttle in our schools and universities. Over one hundred Confucius Institutes – incongruously named as Confucius was a man who preached humaneness – are now operating in our country for the ostensible purpose of disseminating Chinese language, history, and cultural instruction. Colleges have taken in huge sums of money over the years from the Communist regime with the proviso that all discussion and instruction toe the Chinese propaganda line. In the end, that means subjects like the human right abuses of over a million Uighurs and other ethnic minorities in Xinjiang, or the independence of Taiwan and Tibet are off limits. Only recently did the State Department deem the Institutes propaganda missions which means they will have to adhere to the same restrictions as diplomatic embassies. This action by the United States is welcome news but comes rather belatedly given that Li Changchun, a member of the Politburo, said back in 2009 that the Institutes “are an important part of China’s overseas propaganda set-up.” On the commercial front, China purloins roughly $225 billion, at the low end and as much as $600 billion at the high end, annually in counterfeit goods, pirated software, and theft of trade secrets from the United States. Militarily, America faces a serious threat in the South China Sea where it is being challenged by a territorially aggressive and technologically advanced Chinese Navy. Rogue nations such as North Korea and Iran pose further threats to peace and prosperity led as those regimes are by unbalanced tyrannical dictators.


The nation has literally been set ablaze by malcontents who would rather settle their philosophical differences not with ballots but with bullets. On the whole, this is the most insidious threat to the democratic ideals of our nation as these forces amount to a fifth-column enemy which has infiltrated our schools, our courts, our churches, all manner of political institutions, and the media. The cultural relativism which now pervades our institutions suggests that no ethical or moral value is superior to any other and so as we see in our contemporary society anything goes:

  • The teaching of history, language, law, culture and science particularly in the early school grades is now subject to disinformation, myth, and propaganda like never before courtesy of the “knowledge elites” with their own less than charitable axes to grind.
  • The muzzling both figuratively as well as physically of opposing points of view via the corrosive and regressive practice of “cancel culture” on college campuses renders those institutions little more than very expensive echo chambers.
  • Looting and rioting is now seen by members of fringe groups such as Black Lives Matter and Antifa as a legitimate compensatory action to right perceived civil wrongs. Sadly, many local political leaders across the nation are either in league with the rioters or choose to look the other way.
  • Judicial activism which compels judges who feel it their duty to go beyond the law as written and to interpret it as they see fit countermands the judgment of elected legislators and sets up the courts as super-legislatures.
  • Sermonizing by certain church fathers on the ills of “white privilege,” wealth, and physical fences while abrogating their responsibility to convey the church’s catechism to their flocks does serious disservice to parishioners seeking spiritual and not political guidance.
  • Proselytizing by political leaders on the Left that Socialism is in the best interest of the nation. These same demagogues, of course, fail to mention that the socialist experiment has only led to environmental despoliation, starvation, the demise of entrepreneurial initiative, and the spread of a welfare mentality. Rest assured, proponents of Socialism are not able to cite one historical antecedent where the egoism and presumed “wisdom” of central know-it-alls were an able substitute for the actions of countless sovereign consumers and producers operating in a free-market society.

The societal maelstrom, if not gradual dissolution, we are experiencing in our nation is fueled first and foremost by media elites who have the power and the means to filter information and package it so that it satisfies their agenda objectives without regards to the truth or fact. The mainstream media monopolies in Los Angeles, New York and Washington set the table for what most unwary Americans consume as unvarnished factual “information.” Not to be outdone, the oligarchs who control social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Google choose what content and what voices they will police so long as they are in keeping with their own preferences and biases.


The defense of America comes easily to those who are united by the uniquely American principles of liberty, democracy, equality of opportunity, the rule of law, individual choice, and the sanctity of private property. Citizens who fail to grasp these “self-evident” truths owe it to themselves to undertake self-study, if not self-examination, to reaffirm that the American Dream is indeed not a slogan but a unique experiment that can only be realized in our great nation. Now, more than at any other time in our history, Americans need to hone their critical thinking skills so as to question the sources, facts, data, and research thrown at them for the explicit purpose of besmirching the American Dream.

The assaults which threaten the constitutional, cultural, and democratic fabric of America demand that we as citizens stand watch day and night. We must all stand tall on the watch tower and sound the horn so as to rally our fellow citizens as we prepare for battle.

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  1. Lowell Levine says:

    A very well written and a very important issues facing our Country. Our present education system does not relate to this message which is a very big mistake.This message by Raul is very important and should be taken seriously by all Americans before it is too late …We will lose our Country if we put Biden-Harris thinking and policies in the White House…………

  2. Jim Trotta says:

    Pence-Harris Debate: Kamala’s audition to the Globalist puppeteers!
    Jim Trotta: Oct 10, 2020 (Response to Blog of Raul Pupo Oct. 1, 2020)

    Although I had responded earlier to your blog of October 1st, following the Pence-Harris debate, I felt compelled to “double-dip” to your blog with my 2nd response. Raul, again, I thank you for “sounding the alarm” of warning regarding the attacks of evil against the foundational beliefs of our nation from domestic socialist political pirates, as well as foreign globalists communists.

    With Kamala’s audition performance for the benefit of the Globalist elite ‘Master Puppeteers” at the debate, the Democrats platform and agenda is now clear to all of us. The new Democrat President and his VP, if elected, are committed to force America away from our current freedom and Democracy leadership commitment, and towards the socialists and communists’ ideologies and political policies.

    The stated Democrat principles of the Biden-Harris platform include the following:
    • Abortion on demand
    • Illegal Immigration
    • Open borders
    • Sanctuary cities
    • Socialized medicine
    • Defunding the police
    • Gutting the 2nd Amendment
    • Higher taxes to middle-class
    • Weaken/Reduce US military
    • Renew alliance with Iran
    • Increase Federal regulations
    • Pack the Supreme Court with liberal additions
    Now, map this to the stated communist strategies of the Globalist puppeteers:
    • Establish Globalism as a legitimate template for future world “peace and prosperity”
    • Establish the New World Order as the mandated global governance authority.
    • The Global elitists Master Puppeteers will establish the New World Order global “United Members (countries), whose appointed ambassadors (Under-Puppets like Obama and Harris) will execute the tactical deployment of their ideology.
    • Establish socialism/communism as the future world sole political ideology.
    • Eliminate nationalism, capitalism, and democracy. Crush the current conservative democratic leaderships in Europe, Canada, Latin America, and especially, the USA.
    • Redistribute all peoples to all nations, eliminating all country borders, to assure equality and equity of all current nations as defined by the NOW (New World Order)
    • Introduce, impose, and enforce global climate controls, global economic standards, global health and security standards, and global population reduction to 800 million through abortion, euthanasia, and genetic selection policies.
    So, as I suggested earlier, was the Pence-Harris VP candidate debate an opportunity for US voter to get to see and hear the how Kamala Harris would represent them as their elected VP? Or, was this debate, perhaps … Kamala’s audition to the Globalist “Master” puppeteers?
    As a final note, regarding Nancy Pelosi’s new interest in the 25th Amendment, a naive observer might interpret this as a ploy to extract the Covid-19 stricken President Trump. However, the experienced Watchman would discern this as Pelosi’s cunning preparation of the Constitutional process to allow her, assuming a Biden/Harris victory, to quickly replace the future waning President Biden with the vetted and capable VP Kamala Harris. This was the brilliant tactical move orchestrated by the Globalist Master Puppeteers – much above Pelosi’s pay-grade. My guess is that it would happen sooner … than later.

  3. Tom Hovarth says:

    Such an important message. Americans have to take a stand and spread the words of this well crafted message before it’s too late and we lose our country. The game that the Globalists are playing to manipulate weak minds is abhorrent to say the least.
    Our nation was founded on Christian-Judeo principles along with Capitalism as part of our great system. Trump was elected at such a desperate time to save our country before there was no looking back…
    You pointing out such an accurate description made me realize I was not wrong as well as millions of true Patriots for thinking through the facts in front of our eyes.
    Hillary Clinton, who I despise, and a Saul Alinsky idolizer, almost got her dream come true! Let’s spread the word that there are enough of us who won’t give in to be a puppet.
    Thanks for the brilliance on your part of laying it out, my friend…

  4. Bruce Wright says:

    Raul, this is excellent and spot-on. The sad truth is that many voters will go to the polls (or mail in their ballots) ill-advised. Many won’t vote for our current president because they don’t like his tweets or persona. These people just don’t understand what is at stake and what a Biden victory means. Only President Trump can continue the fight to eliminate the deep state, central banks, IMF, the globalists and all the other infringements you mentioned. These people, the Globalists, are really trying to destroy America, not Donald Trump. They hate Trump because he is in their way and knows their plans. I do believe enough voters have not been deceived and Trump will be re-elected. A second term would then see Trump eliminate the central bank, and once the people see our prosperity other nations will follow his lead. That will not eliminate the Globalists because they do not give up, but it will set them back for years to come; until they see another window of uniformed elected officials and their constituents. I pray that I’m right and I pray for Mr. Trump and everyone who supports him. May God continue to Bless our nation. Thanks again Raul for your insight, wisdom and admonishment.

  5. Jim Trotta says:

    I’m mad at Hell, and I can not remain silent any longer!
    Jim Trotta: Oct 5, 2020 (Response to Blog of Raul Pupo Oct. 1, 2020)

    Raul, I thank you for shouting out as our current day Watchman to “sound the alarm” of warning regarding the attacks of evil against the principles, ideologies, and Judeo-Christian foundational beliefs of our nation.

    As an American, a Vietnam combat zone veteran, and a Christian believer, I recognize the EVIL demons of hatred, racism, lawlessness, communism, and the myriad of other Antichrist ideologies that have infiltrated my America over the past several decades by extreme liberal leaders of the current Democrat party. The Democratic party of my parents, and my 1960’s Commander-In-Chief (President JFK), no longer exists. It has become the breeding grounds for radical liberalism puppets, anarchist’s fascism, anti-capitalistic socialism, and is the strategic gateway of the Globalist elite to mandatory global communism.
    In Raul’s blog section entitled GLOBALIZATION: AN ANTI-DEMOCRATIC NIGHTMARE, Raul warns, “The current demagoguery in the hands of globalists takes the ugly form that a citizen who believes in national borders and national priorities cannot be a good citizen – that he is a fascist”. This is nothing but a propaganda lie imposed by the globalist regime through the globalist elite controlled US ‘FAKE’ media (reflections of Hitler’s street loudspeakers).
    In his recent book, “The Deeper State” Lt. Col. Robert Maginnis exposes the ugly anti-democratic truth that Globalization is more than a process of corporate expansion, free trade, and instant communications; it is also about a radical ideology, a secular religion, a mission to replace national sovereignty with global governance and deliver great wealth to the few elite. It is empowered by progressivism and other nefarious societal engines like Marxism, communism that promises utopia but results in massive vulnerabilities for most people and robs those citizens of their basic freedoms.
    It is now becoming clear that the Globalist Elite architects, the ‘Master Puppeteers’, like wolves in sheep’s coverings, have embarked on strategies of world control under the banner of ‘The New World Order’. The following indicate their strategic plots:
    • Establish Globalism as a legitimate template for future world “peace and prosperity”
    • Establish the New World Order as the global governance authority.
    • The Global elitists, including George Soros, Bill Gates, and the 300 wealthiest families of the world, currently meet as secret societies, as the Master Puppeteers, to establish the New World Order goals, objectives, and tactical deployment of their ideology.
    • Establish socialism/communism as the future world sole political ideology, thus eliminating nationalism, capitalism, and democracy.
    • Crush the current conservative democratic leaderships in Europe, Canada, Latin America, and especially, the USA.
    • The under-puppet leadership of USA Presidents Bill Clinton, Barrack Obama, and the to-be reign of Hillary Clinton, was supposed to have sealed the transformation of the USA to a socialism nation. However, the people’s election of Donald Trump thwarted their plot – at least for the moment.
    • Under President Trump’s 1st term, the USA has recommitted its position to capitalism, nationalism, democracy, fossil fuel energy, and retrieving many outsourced jobs. The USA remains as a “keystone country” stronghold for democracy and democracy. If the USA capitalism “keystone” stronghold can be crushed now, many other weaker countries in Europe, and in the Americas, will then also be toppled.
    • ALARMINGLY, one of the Globalists master puppeteer’s long term stated goals is to decrease global population to an UNBELIEVABLE total of 800 million people. This would mean a reduction to a mere 10% of the current world population. This could only be accomplished through mandatory programs of forced abortions, euthanasia, and genocide – all of which are unscriptural, anti-God, and anti-Christ. Said another way, these practices are … DEMONIC.

  6. Chris Adamo says:

    An excellent and very important message. Very powerful, and accurate in every respect. Americans need to begin by re-establishing our moral certitude, and then uphold those precepts and ideals on which our nation was founded, and from which it flourished and prospered. Well don Raul!

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