About the Author

Raul Pupo is an entrepreneur, author, speaker, educator, and consultant who has done business throughout much of the world.  Raul heads a team of experts whose  business focus is helping corporate clients resolve complex service and strategic business issues by leveraging unique tools and proprietary intellectual capital.

Raul  serves on several company advisory boards and as a board member of several companies.   Raul is also a university guest lecturer in the field of Service Management, a field of study whose coursework Raul designed for corporate executives and is unique at institutions of higher learning.

Raul’s business experience spans over 40 years founding, operating, and advising technology-based companies.  In each case, these companies achieved success on the strength of Raul’s service-strategic philosophy as they were all modestly capitalized while competing against the giants of the technology world.

Raul has  served as an adjunct professor in management information systems, a reviewer for peer-reviewed journals, and as  board member on several university information technology institutes.

Raul has a BBA in industrial management, an MBA in information systems and has completed all course work for an MS degree in technology management. He has authored many white papers for practitioners in business, and his articles and blogs have been published in various magazines, journals, web sites, and newspapers. Raul is a much sought-after speaker on the subjects of business strategy and service management. Raul has also been featured on radio and television.

Raul’s recent book America’s Service Meltdown: Restoring Service Excellence in the Age of the Customer has been hailed by both world-class business people and leading academics. Raul is presently at work on a second book. Raul’s new work will encompass an anthology of essays on Service Management, Economics, Finance, and Government.


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