The White House Propaganda machine was working overtime when it labeled its choice for Secretary of Homeland Security, Alejandro Mayorkas, a “Latino.” A good try, perhaps, but disingenuous in the end. The fact is that Mr. Mayorkas’ father was Turkish and his mother Romanian. That the Secretary was born in Havana is irrelevant. Army brats born in Korea of U.S. parents, for instance, are not Korean; they are American. Similarly, Ali, as he is nicknamed, is neither Cuban nor Latino. The fact that he left Cuba with his parents while still an infant defies further his being billed as “Latino” by a White House hell-bent on shoving “diversity” down our throats one way or another as it did when it claimed Vice President, Kamala Harris was African-American. We now know that she is Jamaican and Indian. In Mr. Mayorkas’ case, he can be proud of his family history and ethnicity but he is neither Cuban nor Latino.

Ali’s ethnicity aside, his progressive politics are clear: 1.) Mayorkas was the architect of the Obama Administration’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) sweeping immigration policy which sought to give amnesty to seven hundred thousand illegal aliens, by means of executive fiat, and in contravention of federal law; and, 2.) Mayorkas was also instrumental in making “nice” with Raul Castro in 2015 when he traveled to Havana as part of President Obama’s “let-bygones-be-bygones” approach to the murderous and narco-trafficking dictator. That Ali was all smiles during his sojourn to Havana is a slap in the face to patriotic Cubans, and is reminiscent of the disgusting spectacle of Mr. Obama doing the wave at a Cuban baseball game. In sum, Mr. Mayorkas’ Cubanism is nothing more than a paper-thin show and tell meant to impress progressive audiences with the apparent inclusiveness of the Biden Administration.

When Mr. Mayorkas alleges, as he recently did on all the Sunday shows, that Mr. Trump dismantled what was generally acknowledged as the most robust border security the nation had seen in years he does nothing but further discredit his authenticity. Otherwise, he would be able to explain why arrests on our southern border numbered 78,000 in January, 2021 or nearly three times the number of arrests from the previous January. That he is not able to speaks to the campaign of disinformation that has become the stock-in-trade of the Biden Administration.

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