1. .Jim Trotta says:

    Mr Pupo’s comment from his caller – “My boss hits me over the head each time he thinks I’m spending too much time on the phone dealing with a customer’s issue”, should be Ouch! Perhaps the “boss’ BOSS – the CEO” should be saying OUCH! – or even – OH MY GOD, THE ISSUE IS … ME… YES!… the CEO! The front-line agent’s boss is a manager, whose BOSS is a function executive, but then, eventually, the CEO.
    The CEO is really the final ROOT CAUSE OF THE ISSUE. Why? Because the CEO is really responsible for assuring that ALL ASSETS, and resources, of the company are equipped, armed, and contributing to the continued long term success of the company. The “BUCK” stops at the CEO’s desk – IT’S ALL ON HIS/HER WATCH!
    When the eventual inevitable breakdown in the chain of customer excellence commitment is broken, and a CCE (Customer Catastrophic Event) occurs, like the multiple recent airlines CCE’s, it’s the CEO who becomes embarrassingly visible with the “EGGS ON THE FACE” public apologies. But by then, the damage to the customers, employees, and to the company’s stakeholders, has been done – sometimes – unrecoverably so.
    MITIGATION: So what can, and MUST, the CEO do to mitigate the eventual occurrences of customer service catastrophes? I believe that a proactive and comprehensive multi-dimensional Customer Catastrophe Mitigation approach is required. This multi-dimensional approach must include tenants of Prevention, Detection, Remediation, and finally, Restoration.

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