1. Hank Walshak says:

    Raul, I’ve recently experienced mediocrity when I stopped at a famous doughnut outlet. As I stood in a long line, I noticed four employees behind the counter–a supervisor and three service people, only one of whom was waiting on customers. The other two were stacking donuts or something else. I thought part of the mediocrity lay in what these individuals were not putting customers first.. But since employees behave the way the system they work within prompts and allows them to behave. I couldn’t help thinking this company lacked a service-management system that disregarded what its business was really about–serving and satisfying customers.

  2. Asela Dahana says:

    Raul I think part of the problem is that these MBA have no vested in building an organization from the ground up. They look at data but do not understand the need to make a human connection with the customer. Call center staff are paid on how many calls they handle as opposed to the quality of the interaction. Some organizations like Amazon for example have no phone numbers you can call when you have a problem. It’s all very clinical. I for one would rather pay a little more and have an organization I can talk to. I first check out a company based on how they handle a telephone interaction and only then do they get my business. But really at the end of the day it reflects the caliber of the CEO of the organization.

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