1. Tom Ka says:

    This analysis is absolutely fact and numbers-based and proves how our ‘government’ continuously destroys our society with a notorious mixture of mental and media infiltration. Only a true and independent leader with a deep understanding of how these government organizations work will be able to save this overindebted and run-down Roman Empire-style galley.

  2. Tom Hovarth says:

    Thank you for your laid out thoughts and facts. Anyone who could possibly try to debate these bold truisms by you and not see the clarity of real time information should be considered DANGEROUS!!!
    If I may, I want to reflect on a few things that make my head spin:
    Very true but my inborn thought process is to ask, how to fix this problem?
    To me this is a difficult challenge but a must do for educating the American public continuously through the local and national media. If Republicans can donate as much money as they do to get their people elected in each cycle then start taking at least half of that money and educate the faults that the competition continues to use to destroy this great country. This would take a lot of time and money and dedicated “American’s” who truly love their country to start this education process that would reach every child and adult that want to live here…
    If we looked back to the 1950’s, the Chinese Government were the laughing stock of the world. Very fe Americans would “buy” cheap products from China because of the quality of the products. They had a long term plan to stay the course and improve the quality and to entice companies to manufacture in their country. Their 100+ year plan was to become world dominate. Today, we see how long term planning works while implementing short term brilliance. So let’s give credit where credit is due.
    If we could get a large core of “True Americans” an environment that would be conducive to growing our manufacturing base through incentives, none to little taxes, it could be our biggest and last chance to gain our jobs again. Just stay the course to make it inviting… it’s amazing how much money is wasted by our Government, so let’s focus on a positive result!!!
    When our current Government makes it more acceptable not to work, our labor force mindset is changed to non-productivity.
    I absolutely believe that there are times for some Americans having unfortunate situations that put people in an unhealthy money situation. We can help in a short lived way so people don’t lose their self worth but can get back in the workforce.
    Socialism/ Communism needs to be taught to all children from Elementary School age to teach them how this ruins societies 100% of the time.
    Regarding President Trump, isn’t it amazing how he worked to enhance our competition with the world and truly helped the morale of the “blue collar employee”? The long term problem is not easing up on regulations, although very important.
    Most important is to attract companies here by incentivizing low taxes of no more than 10%. Some people (Liberals) would cry they need to pay more, a lot more…
    My answer to that is simple common sense. If we have more people working (which we would), there will be more taxes being collected from the workers.

    On another thought, it is amazing to me how people who work are forced to pay into FDR’s Social Security, a Government controlled situation that is threatened to hurt those who are in need of their money at retirement. Why weren’t they ever taught about money (in Elementary and High School)
    and the “Rule of 72”?
    The Government are the last people on Planet Earth to make these laws. Their track record of irresponsible spending is a total JOKE!!!
    Regarding our Economy, wouldn’t the RESPONSIBLE thing to do is for Congress to NEVER SPEND MORE than we have? And most important pass a law that we can NEVER do so!!!

  3. raul pupo says:

    Incredible insight on your side…
    You’re at your best stating truth through facts. Our country has never seen such demise like we are seeing it now. Isn’t it amazing how many are fooled by the lies of the people who want to destroy this great country that has turned corrupt? The majority of our government live to be bought and get away with it daily.
    It really is “brainwashing” our children at an elementary age through our universities to create a mindset that pollutes the very meaning of what the United States stands for and of course what it was founded. This isn’t an easy task. We have to take back our schools by having teachers teaching the greatness of the USA!!!
    BUT we need strong leadership at the top who truly love our country… Trump/DeSantis would definitely be a help, too!!!
    Tom Hovarth

  4. Michael says:

    Hello Raul,

    I read your essay… in a word I found it sobering. It is sad that we have such poor leaders in our nation. This reminds me of a quote:
    The Irish playwright George Bernard Shaw famously said,“Democracy is a device that ensures we shall be governed no better than we deserve.”

    So, why has it come to this? I see a sort of moral decay where individual personal standards of excellence are being replaced with a substantially lower “acceptable norm” if you will.

    The disintegration of the family, the failure to properly prosecute criminal behavior, the acceptance of morally corrupt “leaders”.

    It will get much worse before it gets better. But, if it gets worse CAN it get better?

    Thank you for your efforts. Let’s hope good can win out over evil!


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