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  1. […] Globalization gets a lot of oxygen from proponents of free trade in and out of government because a concept which implies freedom must obviously represent goodness. America’s experience with globalization, however, is decidedly different as the nation has racked up an accumulated trade deficit of approximately $10 trillion during the last four decades. Tragically, millions of workers have lost their jobs during that time, in effect, financing the trade deficit while one administration after another in Washington turned the other cheek to our trading partners who excelled at cheating through currency manipulation, import tariffs, prohibited commercial activities, and pirated intellectual capital. Rest assured, globalists believe that globalization’s ugly side, lower wages, lost jobs, shuttered factories or devastated communities is the result of there not being enough global governance to channel all of the good that derives from globalization. This globalization conceit must be rebuffed at every turn. […]

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