newhourglassThanks for  your web site. Very interesting stuff. You have hit the nail on the button. This short termism will destroy American companies, like you said. Coming from an Asian culture and having lived all over the World from Africa, Sri Lanka, Canada and Hong Kong I can tell you American customer service is horrible. Devoid of any human connection or emotion.

I am approaching customer service as an opportunity to learn about our customers. For me each customer interaction is a huge opportunity to develop a customer profile. Who are they, what they are, why they might have been unhappy or happy, what their buying motivation is and so much more. Every weakness is turned into an opportunity. There is a wealth of information that we can gather from customers, but customer service reps must be trained to gather this information and solve problems whether it is taking an order or finding a missing shipment with a high degree of emotional empathy.

But also to go beyond this, to make that human interaction fun for us and the customer. To inject a degree of human warmth, compassion and intelligence into all customer interactions instead of a scripted routine.

I think the future belongs to organizations that provide customers that emotional connection.

Aséla Dahana

Management Advisor



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