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According to a worldwide, customer satisfaction survey conducted by consulting giant Accenture,  59 percent of consumers quit doing business with suppliers for reasons having to do with poor service. Sure, everyone “gets” the importance of good customer service, but few companies practice it as a matter of corporate strategy.

What  distinguishes America’s Service Meltdown: Restoring Service Excellence in the Age of the Customer is its striking originality and applicability to businesses of  nearly every type and size. Based on the author’s extensive  personal and professional experience, the book offers a  straightforward, no nonsense model that clearly explains how to organize the modern enterprise for the delivery of service  excellence. This is more than a matter of corporate survival but  of national survival as well. This is a book that no executive can afford to pass up.

How can a company excel in service, while also returning superior financial results?  Customer-oriented  companies can operate more effectively, Raul Pupo argues, by  focusing on the critical success factors of service:

Readers will discover what it takes to serve customers superbly, how excellent customer service profoundly improves profitability, and  how to identify the biggest obstacles to good service. Most importantly, readers will be rewarded with concrete instructions  that will enable them to deliver topnotch customer service every step of the way. This book is not a “how-to-manual” – as so many books offer to be –  but a book of first principles that must be adhered to at each and every opportunity the organization has to servce the customer.

Features of the book:

  • Includes  case studies and vivid, firsthand experiences and anecdotes.
  • Presents chapters modularly organized into subtopics for easy reading.
  • The  book moves at a smart pace without charts or graphs.


Highlights of the book:

  • Presents  the reader with a practical, firsthand approach to service that deals with the realities of running a  business day-to-day with a   focus on service.
  • Covers such critical topics as leadership, marketing, management,  philosophy, business planning, ethics, law, human resources,  finance, accounting, the social sciences, and economics.
  • Offers numerous new service concepts pioneered by the author as he  founded, built, led, and advised successful business-to-business technology service companies.
  • Teaches lessons that are universal, whether one is bootstrapping a start-up enterprise or managing a far-flung corporation.
  • Discusses some of the most hotly debated service-related topics in business today.
  • Lays to rest a number of misconceptions about the economics of  pursuing a service strategy
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