newairportSome years ago, a senior citizen couple was connecting through Pittsburgh airport enroute from Erie, Pennsylvania to Tampa, Florida. The USAIR flight came into the Pittsburgh airport on the E-concourse (the concourse for small commuter express planes), and was to connect to a USAIR flight departing from the B-concourse which requires a tram ride to the midfield terminal.

In the hustle and bustle of deplaning from Erie, the senior couple became disoriented and confused about where to go for their connecting flight. After several attempts to get assistance, out of desperation, they finally saw a man in an airport uniform and asked him for help. The man was a baggage handler – from Delta Airlines. They didn’t know he was from a different airline but they were desperate.

The baggage handler listened to their pleas, discerned their need, realized that they needed extra help, called a USAIR people carrier cart, and waited with them to give instructions to the cart driver regarding their departure gate. He then assured the senior couple that their bags would be transferred from the Erie flight and would be waiting for them in Tampa. The couple never knew  the baggage handler worked for USAIR, but the USAIR carrier driver did – and she communicated this testimony of customer service excellence  to the USAIR customer serv ice manager – who, in turn, communicated this story on to his senior management – as well as the Delta senior management.

The good news here is that this story had a happy ending. The bad news is that it took heroic efforts to make it so.

James Trotta

Vice President and Chief Service Officer, NCS Services,Inc.

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